Straight Outta CCMpton – Gilbert Dodgeball Team Competes

On Saturday September 12, 2015, the Complete Care Medicine office staff took part in the Power Metabolic Dodgeball Tournament.

We enjoyed dressing slightly ‘gangster’ as our team name was ‘Straight Outta Gilbert – CCMpton’.

Complete Care Medicine Staff
Complete Care Medicine Team
Complete Care Medicine Member
Look at Dr Michael Herrera charge down the court! Our team played very well together and stayed in character the whole time.

CCM PlayersGilbert Dodgeball Team CompetesComplete Care Medicine Team Player

Complete Care Medicine Program
We played to support the Powell Metabolic Program as they partner with healthcare professionals to reverse the obesity epidemic in American communities. We had a fun experience and ended up victorious!
CCM Dodgeball Champs
Complete Care Medicine was the final CHAMPIONS!
Complete Care Medicine final CHAMPIONS!
Obesity is affecting individuals and families throughout the United States. Powell Metabolic is doing great things for Gilbert residents and we look forward to participating in other events with them. Learn more about the program here