Gilbert Doctors Office Expands Services

Physical therapy, allergy testing and immunotherapy are now offered at Complete Care Medicine in Gilbert, Arizona.

Allergy Testing and Immunotherapy Services offered at CCM
CCM New Medical Services Include Physical Therapy

( — July 17, 2017) Gilbert, Arizona — Complete Care Medicine announces the introduction of physical therapy in Gilbert along with allergy testing and immunotherapy at its offices. The new services expand its ability to offer patients the convenience of receiving whatever treatments or testing they might require without going to multiple locations.

“Our objective is to provide patients with as many of the services they might need without making them run around to other health care providers,” according to Dr. Michael Herrera of Complete Care Medicine. “The addition of physical therapy, allergy testing and immunotherapy improves and enhances the quality of medical care we can offer to our patients as their family doctor in Gilbert.”

In-house physical therapy benefits patients by allowing for face-to-face consultations between physical therapists and doctors. The result is a team effort to develop and implement a comprehensive treatment plan monitored by the patient’s physician and adjusted as necessary to ensure favorable results for the patient.

Patients with neck and lower back injuries, weakness, joint pain, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and those recovering from strokes or in need of cardiopulmonary rehabilitation can benefit from the new service offered at Complete Care Medicine. Pain reduction, improved mobility, diabetes management and improved balance are only a few of the benefits people can derive from physical therapy.

The availability of Gilbert allergy testing at Complete Medical Care offers people with allergies the opportunity to find out what substances are triggering their allergic reactions. Animal dander, trees, grasses, mold, pollen and food are only a few of the allergens that may cause allergies. Testing allows doctors and patients to develop a plan for treating and preventing symptoms, including immunotherapy.

Statistics released by the federal government show that allergies are a major health problem in this country. The watery eyes, coughing and sneezing experienced by many allergy sufferers could lead to more serious medical conditions. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lists allergies as sixth on its list of the leading causes of chronic health conditions with 60 million allergy sufferers in the U.S., but immunotherapy could be the answer for many people suffering from allergies.

What is immunotherapy? Allergy immunotherapy is a course of treatment in which doctors introduce small doses of the allergens identified through allergy testing to a patient’s’ immune system. The goal of immunotherapy is to desensitize a person’s immune system to the allergen, so it no longer releases histamine. Histamine, which causes the symptoms associated with an allergic reaction, is what the body’s immune system releases in response to allergens and results in the symptoms that allergy sufferers experience including sneezing, runny nose and watery eyes.

Adults and children with asthma and other medical conditions should schedule an appointment to speak to a medical professional at Complete Care Medicine to find out how allergy testing and immunotherapy might benefit them. Early morning appointments are available for people heading to work or to school.

To learn more about all of the medical services offered at Complete Care Medicine, visit their website at or call 480-457-8800 to speak with one of their medical professionals.

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Complete Care Medicine is a full service family and urgent care medical practice in Gilbert, Arizona. Its wide range of services allows it to offer complete health care for all members of the family from newborns to the elderly. They offer on-site lab and physical therapy services and participate with most major medical insurance companies.

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