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Complete Care Medicine COVID-19 Coronavirus Information Page

Please note that currently, we are unable to perform COVID-19 Coronavirus testing in office as testing kits are in short supply all over the country and we are having difficulty obtaining these kits. Additionally, we are not currently equipped with the necessary personal protective gear required to protect our staff that may become exposed if we were to perform this testing due to the shortages created by non-healthcare personal. We hope to be able to have the capability to do more testing within the next 2 weeks as these kits become available and if we are able to obtain the appropriate personal protective gear that is required to do this. We will update this page regularly and will let you know as that testing capability becomes available.

We are still in the midst of Influenza season and are therefore still recommending that you get vaccinated against Influenza if you have not as of yet. Given the fact that COVID-19 Coronavirus and Influenza have very similar symptoms it is nearly impossible to differentiate one from the other without testing. We are in the process of developing a process whereby we may be able to triage and test patients with respiratory symptoms and fever for Influenza (As we do have Influenza test kits readily available) without exposing other patients and office staff to potential COVID-19 Coronavirus. As that process is developed, we will update this page.

Until that time we will not be able to see any patients in the office with fever and any lower respiratory symptoms such as cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing as we are unable to obtain the necessary personal protective gear required to protect ourselves and other patients. We are therefore recommending that if you have these symptoms that you isolate yourself from others at home and that you treat the symptoms as if you would a typical common cold (i.e. fever reducers, decongestants, cough suppressants, hydration and rest). If symptoms worsen over time despite these treatments, we would then recommend that you be evaluated at your local ER.

As the testing kits and capability becomes available for us to safely evaluate patients with these symptoms for COVID-19, we will notify you via this information page.

We highly encourage you to visit for additional details and answers to your COVID-19 Coronavirus questions.