Family Doctors Can Help You To Avoid The Emergency Room

If you do not have a primary care physician, then every ailment winds up in being a trip to the emergency room. When you utilize an emergency room for flu symptoms or a common cold, you are going to wind up wasting time in the waiting room and you might be taking emergency services away from someone who truly needs them. Thanks to Complete Care Medicine, there is a better solution that going to the emergency room for every minor medical issue.

If you need a Doctor who has had CPR Training, a family doctor in Gilbert AZ, then Complete Care Medicine is your solution. Even if all you are looking for is treatment for a minor ailment, you can rely on this Gilbert medical center to give you the kind of attention you need. Complete Care Medicine is completely dedicated to our patients of all ages and their well being. We offer a full range of services that include but are not limited to well child exams and pediatric vaccinations, well women exams, sports physical examination, casting, and suturing.

Gilbert Medical Center vs. Emergency Room

The more common ailments that people take to an emergency room are flu symptoms, simple surgical procedures, the need for a cast or splint, lab work and other minor medical needs. Emergency rooms are dedicated to handling emergency cases, and your flu symptoms might constantly get bumped for more serious cases until an opening is created for you.

The kind of urgent care Gilbert residents need for minor ailments can be found at Complete Care Medicine. The family doctors at Complete Care will diagnose your symptoms, and give you a solution you can use to start feeling better. The doctors at Complete Care can even set a splint or a minor cast for you quickly and effectively. If you get something lodged in your skin, then the doctors can remove it and treat for any possible infections.

When you have a family doctor service like Complete Care Medicine, you can also get medical services for your unborn child and the pediatric services you need. As your child grows, you can rely on the professionals at Complete Care to provide sports physicals, dermatology needs and offer nutrition advice for growing kids. It is much more convenient to go to a family doctor who knows your family, as opposed to an emergency room that is designed to handle critical situations for an entire region.

Older adults can benefit from Complete Care services such as diabetes management, allergy testing, skin biopsies, BOTOX treatments, pregnancy testing and blood pressure management. You can even get your DOT/CDL examinations done at Complete Care Medicine to help you start your career as a driver on the open road. Once again, you won’t have to worry about the wait times you would experience at an emergency room, and the service is much more personable.

Utilizing an emergency room for your medical treatments denies you the benefits of regular exams at a family doctor location. For example, mental health screening and treatment can be important in a person’s life, but those are not the kinds of services an emergency room is equipped to properly handle. You will also be unable to take your child to an emergency room to get their school physical, but it is not a problem at a family doctor service such as Complete Care Medicine.

What would you do if you work up so sick that you could not make it to work? Would you go to an emergency room? If you do not have a family doctor set up, then your first inclination might be to go to the emergency room. But there is no guarantee you will get the paperwork you need from an emergency room physician to explain your absence to your company. Running to an emergency room for a same-day sick appointment to get an notice for work could be the equivalent of running to the unemployment line.

When you are a patient with Complete Care Medical, you can get an appointment with a doctor on the same day and get the notice you need to tell your company why you missed time. Not only will a doctor help you to get the documentation you need for work, but they will also make a follow-up appointment for you to make sure that your condition is taken care of properly.

When you visit an emergency room, the nurses will always tell you to follow up with your primary physician. By not having a family doctor it can make it difficult to obtain the care that you need, especially in an emergency. Instead of relying on emergency rooms to handle your minor medical issues, you should establish a patient relationship with Complete Care Medicine. You will get the family doctor you need to help treat your family’s ailments quickly, and you will get the kind of ongoing care you need to make sure that you are as healthy as you can be at all times.